Special Reports

Update on 4 Brame-related investigations

An update on the investigations launched after the April 26 homicide-suicide by Tacoma Police Chief David Brame.

Agency: Gig Harbor police

Assignment: Investigate the fatal shootings of David Brame and his wife, Crystal, in the Harbor Plaza shopping center in Gig Harbor.

Status: Completed

Findings: The Brames' meeting was random. David Brame shot his wife at close range outside her car and then fatally shot himself.

Agency: Washington State Patrol

Assignment: Investigate potential criminal misconduct by Tacoma assistant police chief Catherine Woodard. On April 11, she accompanied Brame to pick up his two children from his in-laws' home for a weekend visit. Hours after the pickup, Crystal Brame called 911 and alleged Woodard and Brame got into her parents' gated community under "false pretenses." She also said Woodard intimidated and threatened her in the past.

Status: The State Patrol has forwarded its investigation to the state Attorney General's Office. Attorneys are determining whether to file charges.

Findings: None released.

Agency: FBI

Assignment: Look into possible public corruption - broadly defined as any time public officials abuse their position for personal gain - by City of Tacoma officials.

Status: Continuing

Findings: None released.

Agency: Washington Association of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs

Assignment: Conduct an administrative review of David Brame's hiring, promotion through the ranks to police chief, and marital troubles, as well as who knew about his tainted past. The Tacoma City Council also asked the agency to review the police department's policies and practices on hiring, promotion, discipline and record-keeping.

Status: On hold, pending the resolution of the criminal investigation by the State Patrol and the state Attorney General's Office. Might be delayed further by the FBI's investigation.

Findings: None released.

Compiled by Stacey Mulick, The News Tribune