Special Reports


Construction this week on the new Tacoma Narrows bridge:

Get ready to see a huge tower crane go up on the Gig Harbor side of the bridge site, a mate for the one that's been on the Tacoma side since September.

Crews have prepared a concrete foundation and will assemble the big crane this week. It will hoist reinforcement steel and heavy equipment during construction of the west anchorage.

Meanwhile, concrete and rebar work continues on the upper portion of the east anchorage.

Roadways: Crews will work on erosion-control systems along westbound Highway 16 at the Jackson Avenue ramps, where excavation has been taking place for several weeks.

Erosion-control work also will take place near the west anchorage. Landscaping work will continue along eastbound Highway 16 near 36th Street Northwest.

Caissons: Two concrete pours on the interior walls of the Gig Harbor caisson are scheduled this week.

On the Tacoma caisson, crews are getting ready to lower the floating structure the last few feet to the bottom. No more pours are scheduled until after the middle of the month, when the touchdown is to take place.


Q. What are all those big trenches filled with water down by the anchorage on the Tacoma side, where War Memorial Park used to be?

A. A sewer pump station down there has to be moved to make room for the new bridge. The trenches were dug to reposition pipes. The pump station will be moved in late February or early March.

Rob Carson, The News Tribune