Special Reports


Construction this week on the new Tacoma Narrows bridge:

On Saturday, crews finished pouring 26 feet of concrete into the bottoms of each of the 15 dredge wells in the Gig Harbor caisson.

They'll spend this week building forms for the distribution cap, which will be placed on top of the foundation and serve as a base for the tower.

Meanwhile, dredging continues on the Tacoma caisson, which Friday was 21 feet below the mud line at the bottom of the Narrows.

Anchorages: On the west anchorage, crews will set rebar in preparation for pouring the splay saddle walls. On the east anchorage, they'll be aligning steel frames and tubes that will anchor the wires in the main cable.

Roadwork: Nightly lane closures will happen again this week as road crews continue to work in the medians on both sides of the bridge.

Starting Monday, painters will be at work on the new 24th Street bridge on the Gig Harbor side, putting a protective top coat on the concrete abutments and girders.

What color? Gray.


Q. When are the caissons going to be finished?

A. June 16 is the target date for the Gig Harbor caisson, Tacoma about one month later.

Rob Carson, The News Tribune