Special Reports

Bridge update

Upcoming construction on the new Tacoma Narrows bridge:

Workers will continue drainage work at the area that will become a toll plaza. They'll also be building retaining walls on that site.

On Friday workers will start resurfacing part of Stone Drive. Crews will demolish the road between John Avenue and the entrance to the Weatherswood neighborhood and repave it. That part should take about a week. Planners hope to have the project finished by July 17, when a community celebration is slated for the Narrows Park.

Near the 24th Street overpass, crews will be doing underground plumbing and electrical work.

Caissons: On either July 13 or 14, crews will pour the concrete distribution cap on the Tacoma side caisson. It will likely take more than one pour.

The distribution cap on the Gig Harbor caisson has been poured. On Friday crews will pour the first pedestal on top of the caisson. The pedestal is a smaller block of concrete that will become the foundation for the tower.

Anchorages: On Tuesday crews will start building the splay saddle lateral bearing wall on the Gig Harbor side. The walls support a large piece of equipment that will guide the suspension cables.

On Wednesday crews on the Tacoma side will pour concrete to lock in the anchor frames, which are used to support and align the suspension cable.

Daniel Thigpen, The News Tribune