Special Reports


Upcoming construction on the new Tacoma Narrows bridge and the existing bridge:

On Monday, crews will start paving the area from the 24th Street onramp to the Highway 16 weigh station on the Gig Harbor side. The work will last most of the week.

Workers will continue drainage work at the area that will become the toll plaza. They'll also pour panels on the retaining walls in the area.

Crews will start working on seismic retrofitting for the existing bridge, though commuters won't be able to see the work from the roadway. Most of the work will be at the Gig Harbor anchorage.

Workers also will continue placing riprap along the caissons to prevent scouring around their bases.

Workers will pour the first pedestal on the Gig Harbor tower Tuesday.

A community celebration is slated for the Narrows Park on Saturday. The park, overlooking the Narrows from the Gig Harbor side, offers the best place for the public to watch the bridge construction.

Stacey Mulick, The News Tribune