Special Reports


Construction this week on the new Tacoma Narrows bridge:

Most of the action will take place on the new towers.

On Monday, crews will pour the first 10 1/2-foot section of the north leg of the Gig Harbor tower. They'll pour the first section of the south leg Tuesday and haul the moveable forms called "bird cages" from the Port to the Narrows.

The first bird cage will be hoisted into position on the north leg Wednesday. They'll use the crane to hoist the other bird cage onto the south leg Thursday.

Also this week, probably Wednesday, crews will start assembling a massive tower crane on top of the Tacoma-side caisson. The same crane was at the west anchorage and will stay in position until the tower is completed next spring.

Roadwork: Crews will spend Monday and Tuesday tearing up the old asphalt from the former westbound lanes of Highway 16 between the 24th Street overpass and the weigh station. When the asphalt is gone, they'll start putting in the new drainage system.

Work will continue on retaining walls near the new toll plaza. On Wednesday, crews will pour a section of the wall adjacent to eastbound traffic lanes near the bridge.

Anchorages: A pour will be done Thursday on one of the lateral bearing walls on the west anchorage. No pours are scheduled this week on the east anchorage.


Q. What happens to all the asphalt when they tear up Highway 16 in Gig Harbor?

A. The asphalt gets ground up. Some is used to make temporary road beds in the construction area, some gets hauled to the landfill, and some is reused as a base for new highway sections.

Rob Carson, The News Tribune