Special Reports


Construction this week on the new Tacoma Narrows bridge:

Work progressed more slowly than expected on several fronts last week, making this week's schedule sound a lot like last week's.

Concrete crews were to have poured the first tower pedestal on the Tacoma caisson last week. Instead, they've put that off until this week. The day has not been determined.

On the Gig Harbor side, crews were to have had one concrete section poured on each tower leg. Instead, they'll do that this week. They'll pour one 17 1/2-foot section on the north tower leg Monday and one on the south tower leg Tuesday.

A traffic shift on the west end of the bridge also did not take place. The shift, which will move westbound traffic to the left, just short of the bridge, now is set for the week of Aug. 23.

Work is proceeding rapidly in the toll plaza area near the new 24th Street overpass on the Gig Harbor side. Crews will pave a portion of that area this week.

Tuesday, crews are to pour the foundation for the toll operations building along 24th Street.

Two pours are scheduled on the anchorages this week - Thursday on the east anchorage and Friday on the west anchorage.


Q. I've been seeing a lot of trucks that look like septic pump trucks around the bridge construction area. What are they doing?

A. Those are vector trucks, and they're used to locate underground utilities. They make a hole in the ground by sucking dirt out. They expose the underground conduits so they can mark their locations.

Rob Carson, The News Tribune