Special Reports


Construction this week on the new Tacoma Narrows bridge:

More trees are coming down on the Gig Harbor side.

Construction crews are putting in a temporary storm-water retention pond west of the concrete plant, and they'll take down a small stand of trees to make room. The trees, part of a buffer between Highway 16 and the Tacoma Narrows Constructors field office, will be replaced with landscaping once the concrete plant is gone and the permanent detention pond is in place.

Excavation of the temporary pond will start Wednesday.

Towers: Steady upward movement this week, with one 17.5-foot section of concrete poured each weekday. The north leg of the Tacoma tower will rise to 45 feet and the south leg to 62.5 feet, with pours Tuesday and Friday. Both legs of the Gig Harbor tower will be 87.5 feet by the end of the week. Pours will be Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Anchorages: After Friday's 1,100-cubic yard pour on the Gig Harbor side, no pours are scheduled this week. Crews on both sides will be building new forms and installing rebar.

Roadways: The big paving push will continue this week as the rainy season draws near. If the weather stays dry, crews will lay down more asphalt on what eventually will be the eastbound exit from the new bridge on the Tacoma side.

They also will pour more sections of the median wall on the Gig Harbor side and fine grade the half-mile of median strip on Highway 16 east of the weigh station.

Landscaping work will continue next to the westbound lanes of Highway 16 between the golf driving range and the weigh station. This week, crews will plant grass around the two new stormwater retention ponds in that area. The walls of the new toll operations building at 24th Street Northwest will start going up Monday.

Rob Carson, The News Tribune