Special Reports

Bridge update: Feb. 13

Construction this week on the new Tacoma Narrows bridge:

Drivers on the bridge will notice construction of a temporary “wind strut” just below the construction “bird cages” on the Gig Harbor tower this week.

The temporary brace, made of steel pipe and manufactured by Tacoma’s Pacific Cargo Co., is intended to keep the growing towers steady in the wind until the permanent middle strut goes in.

Crews on the Gig Harbor tower began “post-tensioning” steel cables inside the lower strut last week. They expect to finish that work Monday.

Towers: Gig Harbor crews will pour the first half of the 18th lift on the south tower leg Wednesday and the second half Saturday. Also Saturday, they’ll pour the first half of lift 18 on the north leg.

On the Tacoma tower, crews will pour the top slab of the lower strut Monday. Tuesday, they’ll pour lift 17 on the north tower leg. They’ll begin post-tensioning the lower strut Wednesday.

Anchorages: On the Tacoma side, crews will be setting forms for the anchorage deck and preparing to place deck-reinforcing steel.

On the Gig Harbor anchorage, crews will place concrete for the wing walls and the pieces that will lock the anchorage’s roof girders in place. The girders will become the supports for the bridge deck over the anchorage.

No lane closures are scheduled for this week. Road work will continue, however, with concrete pours scheduled on retaining walls, drainage work above retaining walls and fence installation on the Tacoma side of the project.

Road crews also are preparing to pave more of the eastbound roadway in the 36th Street area.