Special Reports

Bridge update: Nov. 13

Construction this week on the new Tacoma Narrows bridge:

Spinning the main cables is still the primary order of business, as it will be for at least the next two months.

Crews are working two shifts a day spinning cable and, when necessary, working nights to make fine tensioning adjustments inside the anchorages.

Spinners will continue alternating between the north and south catwalks, building up 19 strands of 464 wires each that eventually will be compressed into the main suspension cables.

Fabricators in South Korea are back at work on the steel deck sections, struggling to meet delivery deadlines after delays caused by a dispute among contractor Tacoma Narrows Constructors and subcontractors Nippon Steel, Kawada Bridge and Samsung.

The bridge maintenance building at the Tacoma end of the bridge is finished and the state Transportation Department’s bridge maintenance crew has moved in.

The maintenance crew was housed inside the east anchorage of the 1950 bridge, which is being strengthened to meet quake construction standards.

A series of public meetings on tolls wound up last week. Now WSDOT is compiling comments it received and preparing a report. A citizens’ committee will be selected next year to consider specifics of tolling, such as the possibility of frequent user discounts and penalties for people who drive across without paying.