Special Reports

Bridge Update

Construction this week on the new Tacoma Narrows bridge:

Tacoma Narrows Constructors announced Friday that it won’t meet its April 2007 deadline for completing the new bridge. It now expects to be three months late, putting the opening day at July 2 or thereabouts.

Crews this week will continue hanging suspender ropes on the north cable. They’ll also start removing the crosswalks between the catwalks that were installed for the spinning operation. The crosswalks will be attached to tower winches, which will control their descent.

Also, workers will begin installing the specialized gantry cranes that will ride along the main cables and be used to lift the deck sections into place when they arrive.

Project managers Linea Laird and Manuel Rondon are off to South Korea this week to observe loading of the first of three shipments of deck sections. The current forecast is for the ship to sail from Mokpo, South Korea, on May 17 with the first 16 of 46 sections.

The ship is supposed to arrive here in mid-June, when the three- to four-month process of hoisting the decks will begin.

Road crews will be clearing trees and brush along Jahn Avenue on the Gig Harbor side this week to make room for the new 24th Street on-ramp. They’ll also be installing drainage and electrical conduit along the new ramp.