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Bridge cable that fell means a replacement

A new suspender cable will have to be ordered to replace one crews building the new Tacoma Narrows bridge dropped Wednesday during a deck-lifting operation, a state Department of Transportation official said Thursday.

“It’s damaged and will have to be replaced,” said Linea Laird, who is managing the bridge project for the state.

Crews were lowering the suspender to deck section No. 43 on the new span’s east side when they lost control of it and it slipped off the main cable, Laird said.

One end of the suspender got hung up on the deck section, but the other end fell into the water below. Crews retrieved the cable late Wednesday, Laird said, but found it was too damaged to use.

It will take at least a day to get a new cable to replace the damaged one, she said. In the meantime, crews will shift operations to the west end of the bridge, Laird said.

Also Thursday, state transportation officials announced the transport ship Teal will motor under the bridge this afternoon to deliver the second load of deck sections.

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