Special Reports

Bridge update: Dec. 24, 2006

Construction this week on the new Tacoma Narrows bridge:

It’s going to be a light workweek because of the Christmas break.

Tacoma Narrows Constructors’ road crews are taking the week off, and the crews working on the bridge itself are in the middle of one of their rare three-day weekends. They’re taking Christmas Day off and will be back at work Tuesday.

When they come back, bolters and welders will be back on joining detail, connecting the trusswork beneath the roadway and welding the five-eighths-inch steel plates on the tops of the deck sections.

Welders repaired the damage to their tents caused by the Dec. 15 windstorm and are back in business.

Lifting crews will continue trapezing deck section No. 12 into place between the legs of the Gig Harbor tower. They’re hoping to have it in place Thursday.

They’ll also planning to lift section No. 39 off the Swan transport ship and hoist it into place at the end of the line of sections stretching from the Tacoma anchorage.

Section No. 36, the piece that eventually will be inserted between the legs of the Tacoma tower, will be lifted off the Swan this week and placed on the barge. They’ll swing it into place the week of Jan. 1.

Rob Carson, The News Tribune