Special Reports

Bridge update: Jan. 21, 2007

Construction this week on the new Tacoma Narrows bridge:

Tacoma Narrows Constructors’ lift operation is behind schedule because of unusually bad weather the past several weeks, and the company has set aggressive goals for itself this week to make up for lost time.

The bridge builder wants to have all the remaining deck sections off the transfer ship the Swan by next weekend so it can release the vessel.

To do that, TNC proposes to lift one section every day this week: No. 14 on Monday, No. 35 on Tuesday, No. 38 on Wednesday, No. 34 on Thursday and No. 10 on Friday.

Keeping to that schedule depends on good weather through the week and is by no means certain.

TNC does not plan to have all five of those sections in their final positions by the end of the week, however. Sections No. 10 and No. 34, which will fill in the last remaining gaps in the line of 46 sections, will be hung from gantry cranes below their final positions so the Swan can be released.

The maneuvers required to squeeze those last two sections into their places in line is likely to take at least another 10 days.

Meanwhile, bolting and welding operations on the sections already in place will continue through the week.