Special Reports

Bridge piece delayed because of weight concern

The truck carrying a 100-ton expansion joint to the new Tacoma Narrows bridge was delayed at the Washington-Idaho border near Spokane over the weekend and did not arrive in Tacoma on Monday as expected.

The Washington State Patrol found that the 165-foot-long truck and trailer rig exceeded allowable weight-per-axle limits and required that the load be redistributed, said Claudia Cornish, spokeswoman for the state Department of Transportation.

When the truck arrived at the border, the weight of the 70-foot, accordian-like device was distributed on trailers with 21 axles, making a load more than twice as long as typical semitrailer rigs.

Cornish said she could not accurately estimate when the trucking company would satisfy requirements and complete its run from Minnesota but guessed that it would be “within a couple of days.”