Special Reports

Bridge update: Jan. 28

Construction this week on the new Tacoma Narrows bridge:

Thanks to the first full week of good weather in months, Tacoma Narrows Constructors surpassed its construction goals last week. All 46 deck sections are suspended from the main cables. Only section No. 10 on the Gig Harbor side and section No. 38 on the Tacoma side remain to be lifted into their final positions.

The transport vessel the Swan, emptied of its load, left the Tacoma Narrows on Friday and is to head to China today for its next assignment.

The Marmac, the specially equipped barge used to position the deck sections during lifts, will head back to Foss Maritime’s headquarters in Seattle on Monday.

TNC will spend this week installing the final two 120-foot deck sections, No. 10 on the Gig Harbor side and No. 38 on the Tacoma side. To fit them into place, the bridge-builder will pull sections 1 through 9 and 37 through 46 3 feet shoreward to make room.

The plan is to finish the Gig Harbor side first, then the Tacoma side, late in the week. That will finish the lifting operation, the last major phase of construction. Welding and bolting work on the deck sections will continue.

Also this week, the first shipments of the steel pedestrian railing for the bridge’s south side will be delivered to the construction site.