Special Reports

First batch of fresh bridge wire arrives from U.K., more to come

The first shipment of replacement wire for the main cables of the new Tacoma Narrows bridge has arrived.

The new wire, manufactured in the United Kingdom, replaces a portion of about 5,000 miles of wire destroyed by corrosion while in storage in Tacoma.

The new wire was shipped by ocean freighter to Montreal, hauled by train to Vancouver, B.C., then taken by truck to the Narrows, according to Erin Babbo, spokeswoman for the bridge builder, Tacoma Narrows Constructors.

Factories in South Korea and China are also churning out the pencil-thin wire, made of high strength steel and coated with zinc.

Partial deliveries of the new wire will continue through the end of March, Babbo said.

She said spinning the north main cable, which was halted in November when the bad wire was discovered, will resume late next month.