Special Reports


Construction this week on the new Tacoma Narrows Bridge:

Things are nearly back to normal after the Oct. 20 rainstorm. Some cleanup still remains to be done on washed-out areas and clogged erosion-control systems along new roadways on the Gig Harbor side.

Roadways: The new ramps at 24th Street Northwest opened Friday, and the mainline of westbound Highway 16 shifted north. Drainage system work can now begin in the median. Weather permitting, crews will pave 22nd Avenue Northwest beginning Monday. No lane closures are scheduled.

Caissons: Two concrete pours are scheduled this week on the Tacoma caisson - one Wednesday, one Friday. No pours are scheduled on the Gig Harbor caisson.

Anchorages: The massive pour of concrete in the bottom of the Tacoma anchorage is still curing, so no action there this week. On the Gig Harbor side, excavation will resume.


Q: Are they going to do anything to hide that golf driving range just off the bridge on the Gig Harbor side? Since they cut the trees it looks awful.

A: There's not enough right of way between the highway and the fence to plant a screen. Some concerned residents are reportedly working with the owners on a possible change of use.

Rob Carson, The News Tribune