Special Reports


Construction this week on the new Tacoma Narrows Bridge:

Anchorages: Excavating of the the western anchorage continues.

Crews hope to pour concrete in the eastern anchorage this week. The date of the pour will depend on the weather, specifically the wind.

The work can't be done in high wind, so if Monday's conditions are OK, the pour will take place. If the wind is too high, the crews will pour at the eastern caisson and try again Tuesday on the anchorage.

Roadways: Crews will continue paving on westbound Highway 16, but the work is being done behind barriers and shouldn't affect traffic.

No lane closures are expected.

Crews will place handrails on the 24th Street overpass.

Landscaping: Workers have been blowing compost and top soil and laying fabric to stabilize the soil so they can place plants on a hillside near 36th Street Northwest.

Now they've gotten a big delivery of plants and soon will begin the project's first landscaping.

Q. I read an item in the paper that said they were going to charge tolls on both the new bridge and the existing bridge. Is that right?

A. No. Legislation covering tolls on the new bridge allows them to pay only for a new facility - the new bridge. Drivers using the existing bridge won't be charged.

Clarification: In Open Mike on Friday a reader complained about a "speed bump" on Highway 16.

That caught the eye of Claudia Cornish, a spokeswoman on the bridge project for the state Department of Transportation.

She said the bump was a expedient solution by construction crews hurrying to reopen the highway Oct. 31. Once traffic eased, workers fixed the problem that night and the bump went away.

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