Special Reports


Construction this week on the new Tacoma Narrows bridge:

Excitement is running high this week as caisson crews near a major milestone - touchdown of the caisson on the Gig Harbor side.

The bottom of the caisson is 116 feet below the surface, just 12 feet from the Narrows floor. Crews will spend the week making final preparations, then will ease the caisson to the bottom early Dec. 15. They'll pour more concrete on Dec. 16 to set the caisson into place.

Touchdown on the Tacoma-side caisson, where the water is deeper, is scheduled for next month.

Anchorages: A concrete pour is scheduled for Wednesday on the Tacoma-side anchorage. Crews are shooting for one pour a week for the next several weeks.

The excavation for the Gig Harbor anchorage is nearly finished. Crews will remove the last of the dirt this week.

Roadwork: Crews are installing traffic signals at 22nd Avenue Northwest and 36th Street Northwest. The goal is to get 22nd and the new interchange at 36th and Highway 16 open by Christmas.

Narrowsgate: The mobile offices in this new temporary office park have been installed. Tacoma Narrows Constructors engineers and superintendents will start moving in Monday.


Q. With all this rain, what is TNC doing to keep that ravine (north of the existing bridge on the Gig Harbor side) from eroding more than it already has?

A. Stormwater is being contained in temporary drainage pipes that run down the ravine to the beach.

Rob Carson, The News Tribune