Special Reports


Construction this week on the new Tacoma Narrows bridge:

Bridge building will slow for the holidays, but not by much. Road-building crews will take Thursday and Friday off; workers on the caissons and anchorages are taking only Christmas Day.

Roadways: Landscaping near 36th Street Northwest in Gig Harbor will continue through the week.

Technicians are working on final adjustments of the signal controller for the traffic lights at 36th and 22nd Avenue Northwest. The intersection and ramps to Highway 16 at 36th won't open until the signal is ready after Jan 1.

Caissons: A double pour is scheduled for Tuesday on the Tacoma caisson. No pours will take place on the Gig Harbor caisson this week.

Anchorages: Excavation of the west anchorage is finished and the walls have been shotcreted. Crews will shotcrete the floor this week.

Also, a foundation will be poured for a big tower crane, which will be set up the first week of January. No pours scheduled on the east anchorage until Dec. 31.


Q: What's happening with the landscaping plan for Highway 16? Did Gig Harbor residents convince the state to put in more trees?

A: The state has come up with a new proposal that puts trees and shrubs in some of the areas that were going to be grass. They'll submit it to residents for approval in January. If the plan passes muster, the Department of Transportation will start negotiating with Tacoma Narrows Constructors to see how much extra it will cost.

Rob Carson, The News Tribune