Special Reports

Bridge update: July 24

Construction this week on the new Tacoma Narrows bridge:

Bridge builders have embarked on the next big phase of construction: the suspension system.

On Thursday, they pulled the first cable from the Gig Harbor anchorage to the west tower.

This week they’ll use that initial connection to ferry up more cables, which will support the construction catwalk.

On Friday, suspension crews will connect the first cable from the Tacoma anchorage to the east tower.

The suspension work on the Tacoma side needs to wait until the last bits of tower construction are finished. Crews finished the short parapet wall on the top strut of that tower last week and this week will strip concrete forms.

Road crews paving the wide approach to the new bridge on the Gig Harbor side were held up by rain last week. They’ll finish paving Monday.

Across Highway 16, the concrete batch plant is getting ready to shut down. A stormwater detention pond will take its place. Crews have already started digging the hole for the pond, west of the plant. They’ll do more excavating this week.

The large concrete retaining wall in the median of Highway 16 just east of the bridge is finished. This week, crews will install the drainage system there.

At the new War Memorial Park, crews will be installing flagstone paving and doing stone veneer work. The target date for the dedication of the park is Veterans Day.