Special Reports

Bridge update: July10

You won’t be able to see major work in bridge construction this week.

Now that the towers are at their full 510-foot height, preparation for cable spinning has moved into high gear. Cable crews are getting ready to hoist the catwalk aloft.

Meanwhile, in South Korea, more than 100 workers at the Samsung shipbuilding plant on Cheoge Island are turning out the massive steel sections of the bridge deck that will be shipped to Tacoma and hoisted into place once the cables are finished

Work continues on the top struts of both towers.

This week, crews will start post-tensioning the Gig Harbor tower’s top strut. On the Tacoma side, the floor of the top strut is finished, and crews will pour its walls this week.

Road crews will spend the week finishing the new Highway 16 approach to the bridge from Gig Harbor, where they’ve been applying crushed rock grading for the past several weeks.

They might be ready to pave the approach by the end of the week.

The soil remediation work on the Tacoma side, in preparation for laying a stormwater drainage pipe, should be finished this week.

Seismic retrofitting work continues on the 1950 bridge. Crews will spend the week drilling holes in the lower strut on the old Gig Harbor tower, getting ready to put in steel L-brackets for reinforcing. They’re also beefing up the existing anchorage on the Tacoma side.

At the Memorial Park, taking shape along the Jackson Avenue on-ramp to eastbound Highway 16, more sidewalks and curbs will go in this week.