Special Reports


On Monday, crews are to remove the so-called “bird cage” from the northern leg of the Gig Harbor tower of the new Tacoma Narrows bridge, said Lloyd Brown, a spokesman for the state Department of Transportation.

They finished pouring concrete on the tower last week.

Traffic on the existing bridge might be slowed while the cage, which looks like a large white box, is disassembled and lowered by crane, Brown said. Crews worked inside the box while pouring concrete for the tower leg.

Also this week, workers will continue building the huge cross-braces that will provide strength and stability to the towers, Brown said.

Each tower eventually will have three struts stretching between its twin legs.

Each cross-brace will be capable of withstanding 56 million pounds of compressive force.

Crews also will continue working on the toll booth on the Gig Harbor side and will be backfilling around the west side anchor, using dirt from the huge pile looming nearby, Brown said.