Special Reports

Bridge Update: Feb. 20

Construction this week on the new Tacoma Narrows Bridge:

Tower crews on the Gig Harbor side have gone as far as they can with the crane in its current position. Crane mechanics will spend several days this week extending the crane to a higher level.

On the Tacoma side, where crane workers recently installed a new motor, ironworkers and carpenters are back on the job. They’ll pour sections of lift No. 18 this week. Lift No. 18 marks the point on the towers where the middle struts will be installed. Because the towers need to be stronger there, that section of the legs will be solid concrete and the lifts are poured in two sections.

Also on the Tacoma tower, concrete-tensioning crews will spend the week placing steel tendons in the lower strut and stretching them with hydraulic jacks.

On the Tacoma anchorage, crews will spend the week making final preparations to pour the concrete lid over the massive structure. The heavily reinforced lid, which will become the base for the new roadway as it passes over the anchorage, is scheduled to be poured next week.

Across the Narrows on the Gig Harbor anchorage, crews have finished placing the steel girders spanning the anchorage walls and will begin building the deck between them.

Roadwork continues on both sides of the Narrows, with more paving this week in the area of 36th Street Northwest and grading in the area of the Jackson on-ramp on the Tacoma side.

Work will continue on the roof of the covered walkway that leads from the toll plaza to the toll operations building on 24th Street Northwest. Inside the toll operations building, crews will be installing and taping wallboard.

No work this week is expected to cause traffic delays.