Special Reports

Bridge Update: Jan. 16

Construction this week on the new Tacoma Narrows bridge:

It’s another big week coming up on the bridge towers.

On the Gig Harbor side: The north tower leg will rise another 34 feet and the south leg 17.5 feet. Pours are scheduled for Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. Meanwhile, crews will continue work on the first cross strut, pouring the side walls on Tuesday.

On the Tacoma side: The south tower leg will go up 34 feet and the north leg 17.5 feet. Pours on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Crews will pour the side walls of that cross strut on Wednesday.

All the girders are installed on what will be the roadway over the Tacoma-side anchorage. Crews there will spend the week building a deck between the girders and doing preliminary concrete pours.

On the Gig Harbor anchorage, just slightly behind, crews will be pouring exterior walls. Placement of the girders is at least a week away. The girders will arrive on the site Jan. 25 and 26.

Look for continued work on the road surface in the toll plaza area. Road crews will be laying down crushed rock between 36th Street Northwest and the toll canopy, preparing for paving. Also in the toll plaza area, crews will continue installing the roof over the walkway that leads from the toll booths to the toll operations building on 24th Street Northwest.

Under the 1950 bridge, on the Gig Harbor side, fencing crews will be putting up a right-of-way fence along the top of the ravine that washed out in October 2003.

Mark this on your calendar: There’s a public meeting on Jan. 25 to update people on the bridge project. It starts at 6 p.m. at Tacoma Alliance Church, 2401 South Orchard St. in Tacoma. Rob Carson, The News Tribune