Special Reports


Construction this week on the new Tacoma Narrows bridge:

Major movement on the towers this week: Both legs of the Gig Harbor tower will rise 35 feet, and both legs of the Tacoma tower will rise 17.5 feet.

Concrete pours on the Gig Harbor tower are scheduled for Monday, Friday and Saturday. Tacoma pours are planned for Thursday and Friday.

Anchorages: On the Gig Harbor side, crews will pour the “grout pads,” the bases for girders that will stretch across the top of the anchorage and eventually form the road deck. Crews on the Tacoma side finished placing all 14 of the girders Friday.

Toll plaza: The steel trusses for the toll canopy roof are up. This week, crews will begin placing roof trusses for the covered walkway from the toll booths to the toll operations building on 24th Street Northwest. Toll collectors will use the walkway to get back and forth from the operations building to the toll booths.

The big tower crane at the Tacoma anchorage will be dismantled and hauled away this week. A smaller crane will take its place. The heavy lifting is not over at the anchorage, but the big crane will no longer be needed on a daily basis.

Finally, two lane closures on Highway 16 are scheduled this week, neither of which is expected to have any significant impact on traffic.

Both closures will take place early Friday. One eastbound lane near the toll plaza will be closed for grading work, and one westbound lane will be closed for miscellaneous cleanup and work on signs. Rob Carson, The News Tribune