Special Reports

Bridge Update: Dec. 19

Construction this week on the new Tacoma Narrows bridge:

Adding 100 feet to the tower crane on the Gig Harbor tower took longer than expected last week. Crews were to have finished up on that side early in the week but the work lasted into the weekend.

The tower crane on the Tacoma side should start rising on Monday or Tuesday if all goes well. The process is expected to take two or three days.

The towers themselves will continue to grow this week, too. Two 17.5-foot sections will be added to the Gig Harbor tower – on the north leg Tuesday and the south leg Friday.

The Tacoma tower also will get two new sections on Wednesday and Thursday.

The other most visible change will take place in the toll plaza, where crews will install falsework between the steel columns of the toll canopy. The falsework will be used to support the roof of the canopy when it is hoisted on top of the columns.

Elsewhere on the project:

 • Crews will put up permanent fencing around the two large stormwater infiltration ponds in the vicinity of the weigh station in Gig Harbor and along top of the large retaining wall at the toll plaza.

 • On Wednesday and Thursday they’ll lay down more asphalt paving in the toll plaza area.

 • Additional walls will be poured on both anchorages, interior walls on the Gig Harbor anchorage and exterior walls on the Tacoma anchorage.

 • On Monday, crews will start putting windows in the new toll operations building near the 24th Street overpass. Rob Carson, The News Tribune