Special Reports


Construction this week on the new Tacoma Narrows bridge:

If the weather is good, paving crews will spend Monday and Tuesday laying down asphalt on the portion of the toll plaza that lies between the 36th Street Northwest onramp and the toll canopy. The work will be behind barriers so it shouldn’t affect traffic.

North of Highway 16 on the Gig Harbor side, crews will be installing fencing around the large stormwater pond behind the weigh station.

Also in the toll plaza area, crews will begin putting roof components on the framework of the covered walkway that runs uphill from the toll plaza to the toll operations building on 24th Street Northwest.

At the toll operations building, crews will be doing interior work, including pulling electrical wires and conduits. Workers are also doing interior work on the new bridge maintenance facility, north of the 1950 bridge on the Tacoma side.

Anchorages: On Monday, crews will pour the north wing wall of the Tacoma anchorage, and on Friday they’ll pour the south wing wall. They also will place rebar on what will eventually be the deck of the new roadway.

On the Gig Harbor anchorage, crews will install the decking between the girders that will support the roof of the anchorage and form the base of the roadway. On Thursday, they’ll pour concrete into forms on the south exterior anchorage wall.

Towers: On Monday, the Gig Harbor tower crew will pour the portion of the lower strut that will form the decorative X design on its face. On Tuesday, they’ll pour lift 16 on the north leg of the tower and on Wednesday they’ll pour lift 17 on the south leg. On Saturday they’ll pour lift 17 on the north leg of the Gig Harbor tower.

On the Tacoma tower, crews will pour lift 17 on the south leg on Tuesday, and on Friday, they’ll pour lift 17 on the north leg. Thursday, they’ll pour the section of the lower strut that forms the X design.

Rob Carson, The News Tribune