Special Reports


Construction this week on the new Tacoma Narrows bridge:

Attention this week will be focused on erecting catwalks, the temporary construction walkways that will be used for spinning the main bridge cables.

Suspension crews finished stringing the cables that support the walkways last week. Throughout this week, they’ll be gradually lowering the ends of the wire-mesh catwalk down the cables between the towers until they meet in the middle.

Spinning the main cables will start immediately after the catwalks are in place, probably before the end of the month.

Elsewhere on the project, crews will continue excavating for the stormwater detention pond just west of the bridge, where the concrete batch plant used to be. That work will continue through the week.

Also, land crews will prepare the project for winter rains, installing sandbags and plastic sheeting in various locations for erosion control.

Starting tonight, road crews will enforce periodic nightly lane closures and rolling slowdowns across the existing bridge.

One lane in each direction will be closed most nights this week. Rolling slowdowns could cause up to 30-minute delays, the state Department of Transportation warns.

Traffic is being restricted to make room for seismic retrofit work on the Tacoma tower.