Special Reports

Bridge update

Here’s this week’s scheduled construction on the new Tacoma Narrows bridge:

The most prominent work will be the removal of the so-called “bird cages” from the new concrete tower on the Tacoma side. The work will depend on the weather, but could start early in the week.

The cages are the white boxes atop the tower’s two legs. Crews used them as platforms to pour concrete for the legs, a process that took more than nine months and was completed recently with the towers topping out at 504 feet.

The cages on the Gig Harbor tower were taken down last week.

Work also will continue on the toll plazas on the Gig Harbor side, where six toll booths were installed last week.

Crews will be installing wiring in the booths and will be paving the parking lot outside the nearby bridge operations building.

Crews also will continue backfilling behind the west anchorage.

On the Tacoma side, crews will be excavating dirt in the Highway 16 median and working on a maintenance building.