Special Reports

Bridge update: Jan. 7

Construction this week on the new Tacoma Narrows bridge:

Bad weather is still the story at the bridge construction site.

Lifting crews continue to set back their schedule because of delays caused by high winds and rain. Tacoma Narrows Constructors had hoped to have all 46 sections in place by the end of this week. That now is clearly impossible.

Section No. 12 is at last in place between the legs of the Gig Harbor tower, leaving four sections to go on that side to close the gaps on either side of the tower.

However, last week’s bad weather stalled the planned lift of section No. 36, which is No. 12’s twin on the Tacoma side. Once No. 36 is suspended from the main cables, it is likely to take at least three days to swing into position, depending on the weather.

Because it’s such a tight fit – just five-eighths of an inch on either side in its final position – the work can’t be done in the wind.

When No. 36 is in place, the bridge builder still will have four sections to go on that side to complete the job.

The weather is stalling road crews, too. They might work on filling potholes this week, if it’s dry enough. They also might work on the large section of fill east of the Tacoma anchorage, but that site needs to be drier before further filling is possible.

Rob Carson, The News Tribune