Special Reports


Construction this week on the new Tacoma Narrows bridge:

The bridge builder has turned up the heat on tower crews, adding workers and lengthening shifts in a push to top out in four weeks.

This week, tower crews will add the 23rd sections to the south tower legs and the 22nd sections to the north tower legs. The 28th section is the last, at 510 feet.

Crews building the middle cross-strut on the Gig Harbor tower are working around the clock, with a goal of getting the strut poured in four weeks. This week, they’ll continue working on the steel and plywood floor they’ve suspended between the tower legs.

On the Tacoma anchorage, crews will spend the week stripping forms off the newly poured concrete on the anchorage top deck. Across the water on the Gig Harbor side, anchorage crews will be placing rebar in preparation to pour the top deck.

Work will continue this week on the new Jackson Avenue on-ramp to the bridge on the Tacoma side. If weather permits, crews will shut down one lane of Highway 16 westbound Tuesday and Wednesday nights.

Early in April, the Jackson ramp will be closed completely for up to five consecutive days and nights while crews work on final paving. During the closure, drivers heading for the bridge will be directed to the Pearl Street ramp.

Preparatory work begins this week on the replacement to the old War Memorial Park, which now lies beneath the east anchorage. The new park sits on vacant land along the eastbound Jackson on-ramp to Highway 16. Crews will remove some construction materials stored on the land this week.