Special Reports

Bridge update

Construction this week on the new Tacoma Narrows bridge:

The week will be a relatively quiet one on the Narrows, with most bridge project crews staying home over the long Fourth of July weekend. No lane closures are scheduled.

During the rest of the week, road crews will continue fine-tuning the approach to the new bridge on the Gig Harbor side.

They’ve built up the highway approach to the level of the new anchorage, and now they are spreading crushed rock and doing finish-grading.

Look for paving in that area beginning next week or perhaps the week after.

The new crane that has appeared on the Tacoma side near the new anchorage is there to remove contaminated soil from trench work on the slope heading down to the Narrows.

Crews are digging a trench for a large stormwater drainage pipe, and tests show that the soil is contaminated from the old Asarco smelter. It will be hauled to a waste site in Eastern Washington.

Crews will continue working on the concrete retaining wall separating eastbound and westbound traffic on the Tacoma side.

They plan on pouring two sections late in the week. Tower crews are finishing up work on the top struts.

They’ll pour the bottom deck of the Tacoma strut early in the week. On Thursday, they’ll pour the parapet walls on the Gig Harbor strut.

Meanwhile, cable-spinning crews are setting up spinning equipment on both sides of the bridge and on the towers.

If all goes according to plan, they’ll drape the catwalks between the towers in August. Cable spinning will begin in September.

Rob Carson, The News Tribune