Special Reports


Construction this week on the new Tacoma Narrows bridge:

Monday’s crane accident on the existing Narrows Bridge slowed things down slightly last week.

The job of removing temporary enclosures used for the seismic retrofit of the Tacoma tower has been postponed indefinitely. That means nightly lane closures and rolling slowdowns won’t happen this week. The 30-ton crane tipped over when the operator tried to rotate its boom after retracting the crane’s stabilizing outriggers, the state says. No damage was done to the new bridge and only little to the old.

Spinning crews working on the north cable of the new bridge didn’t quite make it through strands 12 and 13 last week as they had hoped. They’ll finish Monday, then start on strands 14 and 15 (out of 19).

All the permanent cable bands have been installed on the south cable. The cable bands double as hangers for the vertical suspender ropes, the first of which are visible at the east end of the bridge, near the Tacoma anchorage.

In all, there will be 137 pairs of suspender ropes on each cable. This week, crews will continue hanging them on the east-side span and also on the main span and the west span.

The new deck sections, soon on their way from South Korea, will be lifted into place by gantry cranes and hung from the suspenders.

On the Gig Harbor side, work is progressing on the new eastbound on ramp to Highway 16 at 24th Street Northwest.

Tacoma Narrows Constructors has moved trailers and equipment out of the area. This week workers will move the quality control laboratory, which is in the way. Then they’ll start bringing in dirt to raise the grade of the roadbed.