Special Reports


Construction this week on the new Tacoma Narrows bridge:

Look for a lot of action on the towers this week as crews continue preparations to begin stringing the huge cables from which the road deck will hang.

Wednesday, workers are to use a powerful winch to pull the top of the Gig Harbor tower toward shore, said Claudia Cornish of the state Department of Transportation. The maneuver will give the tower a pronounced lean, Cornish said, but the weight of the suspension cables and bridge deck is expected to straighten it when installed over the next several months.

Crews are expected to pull back the Tacoma tower Saturday, she said.

Workers will continue to work on the catwalks – the suspended paths they will use when they begin “spinning” the suspension cables. They also will be installing what are called “tram frames,” equipment that will keep the cables aligned during the spinning process, Cornish said.

Work will continue on various erosion control and landscaping projects on the approaches to the bridge on both sides of the Narrows, and more seismic retrofitting work is scheduled on the existing east anchorage, she said.