Special Reports


Construction this week on the new Tacoma Narrows bridge:

Expect lane closures this week on the existing bridge.

Tacoma Narrows Constructors’ crews will be taking out the formwork they used to retrofit the Gig Harbor tower for earthquakes, and they’ll need to park a crane in the middle of the bridge to do it.

The two middle lanes of the bridge will close at 8 p.m. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, and they’ll stay closed until 5 a.m. the following mornings.

From Aug. 29-31, crews will repeat the process.

The westbound Jackson off-ramp will be closed from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. Thursday so crews can install drainage across the ramp.

Otherwise, suspension crews are continuing work on the hanging construction platforms, or catwalks, stretching from the Gig Harbor tower to the west anchorage.

Those catwalks should be finished this week. Next, workers will string heavy cables from tower to tower to support the catwalks across the main span.

The concrete batch plant on the Gig Harbor side, which produced almost all of the concrete used in the bridge, has been dismantled and mostly hauled away.

Crews will break up the remaining asphalt at the site this week and continue excavating for the stormwater detention pond that will be placed there.

At the new War Memorial Park, adjacent to eastbound Highway 16 near Jackson Avenue, crews will be landscaping and composting. Also, contractors will pour a concrete slab for a park shelter.

Rob Carson, The News Tribune