Special Reports

A trio of rumors

Editor’s note: In two separate state investigations of the Brame scandal, investigators could not substantiate the following set of allegations. The News Tribune conducted its own inquiries, but found insufficient evidence to prove the allegations were true. The charges are particularly salacious, and while they appear in public records, it is the newspaper’s practice not to name individuals faced with such accusations in the absence of evidence.

Allegation: David Brame and a co-worker picking up a prostitute and filming sex with her.

Accused employee: The News Tribune is not naming the individual.

Background: Pierce County resident Richard Schaffer, arrested in May 2003 on suspicion of drug possession, told a Tacoma police officer that his girlfriend had been picked up by Brame and paid for sex while a co-worker filmed the encounter. Criminal investigators interviewed Schaffer and his girlfriend in 2003. She denied the allegation, and said she made it up to stimulate Schaffer. News Tribune reporters also interviewed Schaffer in 2003, but he offered no evidence to support his claim.

Finding: Unfounded.

Allegation: Police employee frequenting a downtown brothel.

Accused employee: The News Tribune is not naming the employee.

Background: David Ahrens told investigators he heard a rumor about prostitution at a downtown restaurant. He said the rumor came from a reporter he would not identify. Through a spokesman, Ahrens said last week that the reporter was not from The News Tribune.

Investigators found no evidence to support the allegation.

Finding: Unfounded.

Allegation: Police employee recruiting a police department subordinate to join a sex club.

Accused employee: The News Tribune is not naming either employee.

Background: Investigators spoke to the former girlfriend of a police employee. She said her boyfriend had told her he had been recruited to join a sex club by a superior officer.

Both employees denied the allegation when questioned by investigators.

Finding: Unfounded.