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Corpuz deposed, then dismissed from lawsuit in Brame killings

Former Tacoma City Manager Ray Corpuz has been dismissed from a wrongful-death lawsuit filed by the family of Crystal Judson Brame.

The decision, approved Thursday in King County Superior Court, was no surprise. It was one of several conditions in a recent settlement agreement between the family and the City of Tacoma.

Corpuz was a named individual defendant in the long-running suit, which stemmed from the shootings of April 26, 2003, when Police Chief David Brame fatally shot his wife, Crystal, and himself.

Part of the agreement stipulated that the Judson family could proceed with “fact-finding” depositions of key witnesses, including Corpuz, who appointed Brame chief in 2001. Attorneys for the family deposed Corpuz on Tuesday.

The order dismissing Corpuz notes that his actions related to Brame were within the scope of his employment.

“We’re pleased that the plaintiffs concluded that Ray had no individual responsibility for what happened,” said Corpuz’s attorney, James Frush. “We are glad that they took the step of dismissing Ray prior to the ultimate settlement. We applaud them for acting at this point. Ray worked very hard for over a dozen years as a city manager and accomplished great things for Tacoma.”

Paul Luvera, lead attorney for the Judson family, also issued a statement.

“We wanted the opportunity to question Corpuz under oath as part of the family’s desire to uncover the truth behind Crystal’s death,” he said. “I took his sworn testimony earlier this week, and having done so, he’s been dismissed from the case. Unfortunately he wasn’t as candid or as forthcoming as I had hoped he would be.”

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