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Gig Harbor releases evidence in Brame shootings

Gig Harbor police on Tuesday released crime scene photos and an audio tape that are pieces of evidence in the David Brame homicide-suicide in April.

Audio File

Crystal Brame's recorded message to her psychologist, Dr. Max Knauss

David Brame went to Bartell Drugs with his two children the afternoon of April 26. Above is a diplay of what he bought. The trio then headed to a nearby Rite Aid.

David and Crystal Brame's cars parked in the Rite Aid parking lot where they ran into each other on April 26. The second car on the left is Crystal Brame's 2003 Toyota Camry. David Brame's car is the maroon 2001 Toyota Camry, second vehicle on the right.

Below is a transcript of the message by Crystal Brame:

"Dr. Knauss, this is Crystal Brame. If you could give me a call when you are available. It's about 4:35 on Friday afternoon. I was told you probably not in, that you weren't in today.

If, when you get this message, if you could call me I would appreciate it. uh If you would call my parents' number at (phone number), I would greatly appreciate it. I need to discuss with you some recent things that have happened and uh at least to let you know.

Also in today's paper if you do have copies or can get a copy of the Seattle P-I and on the Internet and nwcn.com for Northwest Cable News.

(cough) Excuse me. Pardon me.

I got (unintelligible) into Northwest News and the article.

David had called me just last night and he'd hung up on me two times, stated he would trash me in the newspapers and that's exactly these articles are not very flattering to say the least.

But anyway, it is in the newspaper now and he has told me and warned me that he hasn't even begun yet, that I haven't seen anything yet. So I do still have concerns since the restraining order is not in place yet. His attorney is back east and they need a representative apparently to be at the courthouse with Joe, won't return calls. So Joe was not be able to enter anything in the way of the personal restraining order.

So, I'll be back and forth still at my home. I need to stay there a few nights. I have to establish that I am living there.

And I still have a great concern, a greater concern now for my personal safety now more than ever.

Anyway, if you could call me at your convenience I would really appreciate it. Again try my parents' number at (phone number) or my mom's cell phone at (phone number). And I would just, I'll look forward to hearing from you.

Have a great weekend. Thank you so much. Goodbye."