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Severance pay for Ray Corpuz would add insult to injury

Re: "Council split on Corpuz" (TNT, 6-18).

Worrying about whether it might mean losing a wrongful death suit against the City of Tacoma is no excuse for not firing City Manager Ray Corpuz.

We may or may not lose the suit, but we definitely do not need to add insult to injury by giving severance pay to Corpuz.

It appears that the Brame deaths are not the only damage that may be related to his questionable dealings. I for one am insulted at what he did to get the "approval" of those underlings who considered his pension plan changes. It seems to me he is walking out with plenty of reward as it is for the damage his acts have caused the city.

When will the City Council do the right thing and cut him loose, with as little cost as possible?