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Brame family tragedy puts focus on domestic violence: Brame alone responsible

David Brame was a great police chief. He understood that he worked for the people of Tacoma and he worked with the rank and file. We will miss his dedication and understanding that this city is nothing more than the sum of its neighborhoods.

Will Catherine Woodard be as great a chief? You bet! Additionally there are several captains and above who could handle the job. There is no reason for our city manager to look outside of the police department for the department's next leader.

Did some elements of the Seattle media increase the stress of the divorce situation on Brame? Yes. David Zeeck and David Seago were correct, and The News Tribune handled the situation with intelligence. But the Seattle media, no matter how they increased the stress trying to sell air or papers, are not responsible for the crime. Brame is. But nobody likes to be the lead story on the evening news or on the front page.

The Brame family has a topnotch record of community service to Tacoma, and our prayers are with them and also with Dave's wife, kids and family.

It is a tragic reality that domestic violence can reach such extremes in our society.