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Ex-officer plans lawsuit over rape claim

A woman who claims David Brame raped her plans to file a lawsuit against the City of Tacoma, which rejected her claim for damages last week.

“We are in the process of drafting a complaint which we will file in the immediate future,” said Kevin Coluccio, attorney for Sylvia Boskovich, 44. “We intend to take the next step.”

When and if the Boskovich complaint appears, it will mark the fourth legal action stemming from the events of April 26, 2003, when then-Police Chief Brame fatally shot his wife, Crystal, and himself. Tacoma already faces a wrongful-death suit by Crysal’s family and a complaint for damages from retired assistant police chief Ray Roberts, who claims Brame forced him into retirement and slashed his pension.

Internet publisher John Hathaway said he plans to file a third suit today. Hathaway is seeking damages he said he suffered after receiving a threat last year from Patrick Frantz, a police officer and president of one of Tacoma’s police unions. Hathaway filed a claim for damages with the city earlier this year – the prelude to a lawsuit. The city rejected the claim in August.

Boskovich said Brame raped her when he was still a patrol officer in the Tacoma Police Department. She filed a complaint against him in 1988, which was investigated by the department’s Internal Affairs Division. The complaint was ruled “not sustained,” meaning it could not be proved.

Files from that investigation have been destroyed, in keeping with department practices of the time. But after the 2003 shootings, multiple investigations of the Brame scandal found that Boskovich’s complaint should have been treated as a possible crime, and forwarded to the Pierce County Sheriff for investigation.

Boskovich’s claim argued that she was denied access to justice. In its Oct. 5 response, the city argued that the failure to forward the rape complaint for possible criminal prosecution provides no basis for a damage claim.

Citing the prospect of pending litigation, city officials would not comment on Boskovich’s claim or the other lawsuits Friday.

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