Special Reports

Council sticks with Corpuz

The Tacoma City Council agreed Saturday to ask a state police organization to investigate actions involving the late police chief David Brame, who mortally wounded his wife one week ago.

But the council refused to place City Manager Ray Corpuz on administrative leave, saying any action against Corpuz should wait until the investigation is complete.

Three of the nine council members said they favored asking Corpuz to step down. But six members said Corpuz should be considered innocent of wrong doing unless proven otherwise.

The council heard testimony from a handful of citizens calling for Corpuz's removal.

The agreement with the Washington Association of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs directs a panel of police from other agencies as well as Kitsap County Prosecutor Russ Houge to look into the Brame case. They are to look into his initial hiring as a patrol officer in 1981, his 21-year-career with the force and his personal conduct, including allegations of rape and spousal abuse.

The investigation also is to include who in the city had information about Brame's background, specifically the role played by Corpuz.

The investigation team will report directly to the council, and not to Corpuz.