Special Reports

City works on plans to hire interim chief

Acting City Manager Jim Walton met with acting Police Chief Don Ramsdell on Wednesday "to try to get up to speed on a number of issues," including the need for an interim chief.

Walton is working on plans to hire an interim chief and then begin the search for a permanent chief. He will meet with city human resources director Phil Knudsen on Friday to discuss the interim chief issue.

The focus will be on finding a qualified person who's available for a short period of time, has no connection to the Tacoma Police Department and who's not interested in the permanent position, Walton said.

"We haven't thought about looking outside the state" yet, he said, "but we're certainly looking for someone outside the department."

Walton said he hopes to find a good in-state candidate "we can bring in in short order," but the city will search out of state if necessary.

Kris Sherman, The News Tribune