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Council doesn't need 'grounds' to oust Corpuz

Re: "Graceful departure for Corpuz key to ending paralysis" (editorial, 6-22).

I disagree with your editorial. In a charter city with a council-city manager form of government, there is no need to have "grounds" to dismiss the city manager. It takes a majority vote (five members) indicating that they no longer have confidence in the city manager. He would be gone.

It would not be an admission that there is any validity to the wrongful-death claims filed on behalf of the children of David Brame. The insurance company may try to escape responsibility for honoring the city's policy, but I don't think that it would be the prudent thing to do. The proposal being presented by Corpuz's apologists is of questionable constitutional validity.

A "no confidence" resolution would be a quick settlement to the dithering and paralysis now infecting the city's government. Why do some of the council members continue to want to give Corpuz a platinum parachute?He already created himself a golden one.