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Almost $245,000 spent on wrongful death case

The Crystal Brame wrongful death case already has cost the City of Tacoma nearly $245,000 in fees to the Tacoma law firm of Burgess Fitzer, and the city's legal team soon will seek a contract extension.

Mayor Bill Baarsma said Tuesday the City Council will have to act within a few weeks to extend the firm's contract, but he wouldn't speculate about how much money might be needed.

"I can't talk about that," he said. "It was one of the subjects of our executive session."

The council met behind closed doors for 70 minutes Tuesday afternoon with Tim Gosselin and Jill Stone, two members of its four-person legal team, to discuss the lawsuit and related claims filed by Crystal Brame's family.

Asked when the firm might need to ask for more money, Stone said only, "Soon."

Kris Sherman, The News Tribune