Special Reports

Scandal's financial costs hit $2.5 million

The City of Tacoma has spent or committed more than $2.5 million in legal costs and other fees for investigations, defense against a lawsuit, attorneys' advice and paid administrative leave in the David Brame scandal.

Contracts that could total nearly $1 million more are being considered.

The biggest bill by far is $2 million allocated to the Tacoma law firm of Burgess Fitzer to defend the city against the wrongful death lawsuit filed by Crystal Brame's family. The city also has used nine other law firms for legal counsel and specialized advice connected to the case.

Other expenditures include:

•$160,000 to the Washington State Patrol for a criminal investigation that resulted in no charges being filed.

•A $200,000 obligation to the State Patrol for the investigation of 32 employees for potential wrongdoing or violations of city rules and procedures. The investigation is ongoing, and not all the bills have been paid.

Kris Sherman, The News Tribune