Special Reports

One Year Later: The Brame Shootings - City Hall shake-up

The Brame scandal shook up Tacoma's power structure.

City Council turnover: Three new City Council members took office this year on the nine-member council, pledging to push for a more open government and an end to past factions.

Petition drive: The scandal fueled an initiative petition drive to do away with Tacoma's appointed manager in favor of a "strong" mayor. The effort failed last year because of a technicality, but backers are trying to put the issue on the November 2005 ballot.

City Charter review: The Brame scandal prompted the council to appoint a citizens' committee to examine the city charter and recommend updates and changes. The committee continues its work, but won't recommend abandoning the council-manager form for the strong mayor system.

John Henrikson, The News Tribune