Special Reports

Why the project didn't go through a bidding process

The Stadium High School project is one of 18 public projects statewide using the “general construction/contractor manager” or GCCM arrangement.

Instead of the typical process of completing the design and then awarding construction to the lowest bidder, the GCCM process allows hiring a general contractor based on the company’s qualifications, not the low bid. There’s more flexibility to cover cost increases, and the contractor has a financial stake in keeping the project on budget. It’s often used in complex historic renovations.

Skanska USA Building, whose past projects include the Museum of Glass: International Center for Contemporary Art in Tacoma and the renovation of McCaw Hall and Smith Tower in Seattle, was hired as GCCM during the design phase to contribute expertise in scheduling, planning and cost control.

A state committee is analyzing the effectiveness of the GCCM process, but district officials already say it helped Stadium finish on time and achieve the best product in light of financial constraints.